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Seasoned Logs

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Kiln-Dried Logs

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Quality Firewood for Sale

Flamefirst Firewood is an independent supplier of quality kiln-dried and seasoned logs, based in Pickering, North Yorkshire.

We like to make the whole process of buying logs from us as simple as possible. Contact us with your requirements and then we will deliver the logs to your designated address even if you are out.

FREE Delivery within a 10 mile radius of Pickering.

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Our Pricing – We believe in offering transparent pricing options that reflect the quality and value of our firewood.

Seasoned Logs

our pricing structure is as follows:

Handy Sack: £8.50
1 x bulk bag: £100
2 x bulk bags: £195 (saving £5)
3 x bulk bags: £290 (saving £10)
4 x bulk bags: £385 (saving £15)
Tipper load (equivalent to 4 bulk bags): £360
1/2 tipper load (2 bulk bags worth): £180

Kiln-Dried Logs

For those seeking the exceptional qualities of kiln dried logs, our pricing structure is as follows:

Handy Sack: £10.00
1 x bulk bag: £125
2 x bulk bags: £245 (saving £5)
3 x bulk bags: £365 (saving £10)
4 x bulk bags: £485 (saving £15)
Half a load (2 bulk bags worth): £230
Full load (4 bulk bags worth): £460

Please note that there is a minimum order requirement of 8 handy sacks.

Net bags of kindling are available for £8 each and are supplied exclusively with bulk or handy sack orders.

Flamefirst Firewood – Your Reliable Source for Top-Notch Firewood in Pickering

Are you looking for high-quality firewood in Ryedale, North Yorkshire? Look no further than Flamefirst Firewood! We are your go-to supplier of expertly sourced and processed firewood to provide the ultimate burning experience.

Our Firewood Selection

At Flamefirst Firewood, we take pride in offering a diverse range of firewood options to cater to your specific preferences and requirements. Our firewood is predominantly supplied in bulk bags, each containing approximately 0.6m³ of meticulously selected firewood logs. You can expect a mix of premium British hardwoods, including ash, beech, birch, and alder. What sets our firewood apart is its consistently low moisture content, which remains at 20% or less.

Hardwood Logs

Your Trusted Firewood Supplier

Flamefirst Firewood takes immense pride in being your trusted supplier of quality wood fuel in Ryedale.

Our firewood is meticulously sourced from local, managed woodlands and undergoes careful processing and barn storage. This ensures that our firewood is fully seasoned and boasts a moisture content of less than 20%.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a restaurant, a shop owner, or a garden center, our firewood is the ideal choice to elevate your fire experience.